Update 04/23/20

With perseverance and solidarity, our students are continuing to enjoy learning French and have expressed appreciation for a renewed sense of community and shared goals. It’s almost like being at the AF…

 > “Conversation! Interaction! Grammar! Vocabulary! Culture!
In these days of solitude, it is all the more important to be in a class with a teacher such as Anne who encourages me with her warmth and patience. Of course, I miss the mingling before and after class, but with live, on-line classes I can avoid both the commute and parking. In Anne’s litt class we discuss her chosen book, the literary merits, how this reflects the French culture shown by the author, comparing and contrasting our own experiences.” Susan

>  “Grammar class  – A great way to exercise your brain!This is a very good class to learn grammar fundamentals and vocabulary at the same time. This particular class has a very motivated group of students and a very good and patient instructor.” Vicki

We are ready and optimistic to continue to offer our online classes for the new spring session.

Update 03/31/20
May/June session group classes (from April 27 to June 29) will start online and continue (after quarantine) at the Alliance Française . Online and hybrid classes will still be offered for students whose circumstances may prevent them from coming to in-person classes.

Update 03/22/20

Dear students, teachers, members of the Alliance Française de Berkeley,
Thank you for making it with us!

Monday, March 16th, just after sending out our last newsletter offering you the possibility to voluntarily take your French class from home or at the AF, we, as many businesses, had to temporarily close the doors to our AF to follow the quarantine order.

Thanks to the foresight and preparation of the whole AF team we were ready to offer our online courses as soon as Tuesday, March 17th without any interruption of the March/April session.

We would like to thank wholeheartedly our wonderful teachers who were able to quickly adapt to this new experience of group online classes, and online private lessons. A huge thank you as well to our students who were game to try this new format and continue to support their AF!

Everyone quickly put in place connections to their devices, be they laptop,  tablet or telephone, at times without video but we got there! Big congratulations to you all for your adaptability and your motivation to continue your AF classes.

During this first experience, we have had more closeness in the classes; sightings in the background of children, cats and dogs and other family help instill a sense of conviviality and camaraderie in the class.

For the office, we continue to improve the quality of our online classes so that, after the quarantine period is lifted, we will have substance to  broaden the availability of our face-to-face classes by extending digital offerings (exercises online and class discussions…)
Don’t forget that your digital library Culturethèque is always available.

For those who are experiencing technical problems, or who would like to register for an online class, it is still possible to join some group classes (maximum 8 students per class) with a prorated rate. Please contact us for assistance info@afberkeley.org

We hope that everyone is well and we wish you continued good health during this stressful time for all. Our thoughts and gratitude go out to all those who continue to work (those in the medical field and other essential jobs), risking their health and life for us all.
Take care and have a good quarantine!

Update 03/16/20

Given the rapidly evolving public health situation involving Covid-19 AF BERKELEY WILL BE CLOSED temporarily to the public TUESDAY MARCH 17 until further notice.

All group classes will be continuing online, through video connection from your home computer or smartphone or tablet device.

If you are registered in a group class, you should have received a link to enter in your group class from home.
Please take a few minutes before your class to upload the App to your device. (Your teacher will send you the link before each class)

For private classes, your teacher will contact you by email to continue online.

Thank you for your comprehension

If you have any questions, please email us

A très bientôt à l’AF !
L’équipe de L’Alliance Française de Berkeley

Update 03/14/20

Starting Monday, March 16th the AF will offer all classes the option of in person class at the AF or through video connection from your home computer or smartphone or tablet device.
If you are registered in a group class, you should have received a link to enter in your group class from home.
Please take a few minutes before your class to upload the App to your device.
Thank you for your comprehension

We know that for many concerns around COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, are on your mind. As the safety and health of our community are our top priority, we want to take a moment to let you know what we are doing so that you feel safe and comfortable at the AF and at our events.
Since last week we have:
  • Added additional sanitizing measures to our daily cleaning routine throughout all public spaces including using CDC approved disinfectants to wipe down our space
  • Advised everyone to reduce physical contact
  • Required all staff, teachers, and volunteers who are not feeling well to stay home
We also encourage all who are feeling ill to refrain from attending our classes and events.
According to the most recent information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for most people, the immediate risk of being exposed to COVID-19 is low. We continue to monitor the most up-to-date information and guidance of state and local Departments of Public Health, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).
If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.
L’équipe de l’Alliance Française de Berkeley
Here are some strategies from the City of Berkeley that we are following to stay healthy: