Our mission is to cultivate knowledge and appreciation of the French language and Francophone cultures, and to encourage friendship and collaboration with the French-speaking world.

We offer a unique platform for Francophiles and those new to French culture to immerse themselves in an environment rich with linguistic and cultural education.

Whether you are a native or fluent French speaker, a student of the language, or an interested non-French speaker, you are welcome to participate in activities organized throughout the year.

From language classes for all levels to conferences, wine tastings, and art exhibitions, the Alliance Française de Berkeley is a vibrant community hub where language and culture intersect, creating a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere for all who wish to be a part of the global Francophone community.

AFB provides:

  • French language courses for adults, children, and corporations.
  •  Language preparation for exams, including the AP, TEF/TEFAQ, DELF/DALF/DELF Prim, and the DAEFLE.
  •  Cultural activities for adults that present a comprehensive look at francophone cultures in the 21st century.
  •  A library and other online resources for native speakers and French language students.

Established in 1962 by several passionate Francophiles from the East Bay who were encouraged by the Alliance Française de San Francisco to form their own chapter, Alliance Française de Berkeley quickly became a vibrant center for all things French. From cozy French lectures to lively social and cultural gatherings, our events have always brought together Americans and French of all ages, fostering a shared love for the French language and culture.

Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, our classes convened at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in Berkeley, while social gatherings found cozy settings in members' homes or rented halls. Our library, a cornerstone of our community, journeyed through at least three different locations before finding a temporary haven at the president’s residence—until circumstances changed.

Facing escalating rents and the looming threat of eviction from St. Clement’s during earthquake retrofitting, the urgent need for a new home became undeniable... In the autumn of 1993, AFB launched a fundraising campaign. Thanks to members, it was a success and we invested in April 1994, acquiring a charming Craftsman house located near the Ashby BART station on Woolsey Street in Berkeley.