All members and students are welcome in our Library to do French homework, consult reference books, borrow books or tapes, browse through our collection of periodicals. Free Wi-Fi connection is offered to our members.

Our collection of books is nearly exclusively in French and numbers about 2,000 volumes. The majority of our collection consists of a base of classic literature and a variety of recent novels.

Due to risks of spread of COVID-19, our library shelves are only open for virtual browsing at his time. Please visit the Virtual Library and arrange a curb side pick-up.

Our selection of books in “français facile” has been warmly received by our students.

We also have books on history, literary criticism, art, and biographies.

Our board member, Anne Smith, gives you regular book reviews for reading inspiration. Please go here for Book Reviews

We have more than 300 French DVDs for all ages.

Click here for a listing of medias sites of cultural interest such as radio, TV, press, music…

DVDs: Borrow up to 2 DVDs for 8 days. Renew them once for a combined total of up to 16 days.

Other items: Borrow up to four books for one month.

Returns: You may return items to the place you found it or in the mail box.

Please sign your items out in the Checkout Binder located in the library.

Please call us at 510-548-7481 or contact us by e-mail.

To make an appointment for books or DVDs, contact us